Sports Specific Personal Training in Colchester, Essex

ONE2ONE Sports Specific Personal Training

Whether you are a footballer, runner, basketball player, boxer, cyclist or any other athlete, ONE2ONE can help you improve in your sport through sports specific personal training. We will work with you to understand your individual needs and goals in your sport and come up with with a plan for how we achieve them. No matter if you are an elite or an amateur, a personalised, sports specific training plan will help you improve.

Injury Prevention

We understand how important it is for an athlete to stay injury free to maintain high performance. We will work with you to assess any weak areas you have and and create a plan tailor made to increase your athletic performance while also ensuring you stay injury free. Allowing you to perform at your best.

Athletic Performance

The ONE2ONE personal trainers will work with you to create sports specific training programme that will help you develop and enhance your ability to perform at a higher level in your chosen sport. Whether it’s getting faster, stronger, more explosive or increasing your endurance, our team can help.

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